June 16, 2024

BOZEMAN, MONTANA — A group of local curmudgeons is petitioning to update Bozeman’s iconic nickname from “BozeAngeles” to “Bozerly Hills”, citing a need to reflect the city’s evolving demographics.

“We’re tired of the old nickname, it doesn’t reflect who we are anymore,” said Rufus McAllister, member of the grumpy group. “BozeAngeles makes us sound like a bunch of wannabe Hollywood types, and that’s just not accurate.”

The Bozerly Hills-focused group has been working on the name change for several months, gathering signatures and lobbying city officials. They argue that the new nickname would better reflect Bozeman’s growing population of ritzy retirees and wealthy transplants. So far, they have received signatures from all 5 people in their group as well as one person in the Triple Tree Subdivision that mistakenly answered their door because they were expecting a delivery from the infinity pool store.

“We’re becoming more like Beverly Hills every day,” said McAllister. “We’ve got million-dollar homes, luxury cars, and high-end shopping. Bozerly Hills is a much more fitting nickname.”

The proposed name change has sparked controversy among longtime residents, many of whom are fiercely stuck on the BozeAngeles moniker.

“I’ve lived here my whole life, and I don’t want to see our nickname changed,” said Doris Blevins, a Bozeman native. “BozeAngeles is part of our identity, it’s who we are.”

Despite the backlash, the Bozerly Hills group remains optimistic that the name change will eventually be approved.

“We’re not trying to erase the past, we’re just trying to move forward,” said McAllister. “Bozerly Hills is a name that everyone can be proud of, and we think it’s time for a change.”