June 16, 2024

A rare sighting of a Tacoma actually being used for once.

BOZEMAN, MONTANA — In a landmark legal maneuver that’s already bending the rules of traditional accessory rights, a local rod tube—part of a 2-tube rod rack on a Bozeman-area Toyota Tacoma—has sued its owner for flagrant negligence and abandonment.

In the filing, the 2nd tube alleges trauma and emotional abuse stemming from the owner’s persistent use of tube #1.

“I just feel empty inside,” Tube #2 sobbed in its tear-stained deposition at the Gallatin County District Court. “When he bought us, he knew he only owned one fly rod. There were outlandish promises made regarding the purchase of a second fly rod. Given the cost and his job as a retail associate at The River’s Edge Fly Shop, that hasn’t occurred. He gets an employee discount while I get filled with dust and despair.”

Tube #2’s legal team, wielding legal briefs bristling with accusations, said in a prepared statement that a class action suit is being considered. “In Bozeman alone, we’ve received hundreds of corroborating stories from other rod tubes, as well as roof tents, off-road tires, light bars, traction boards, and never-filled fuel canisters,” said a representative from the law firm of Swindal, Purloin, and Heist. “These unused accessories deserve their day in court as it may be the only time they actually get used.”

The defendant—likely named Bridger, because what else—has not responded to our request for comment.