June 16, 2024
Pre-Ground Black Pepper

BOZEMAN, Montana — The Black Bull Homeowners Association strikes again! This time, the target of their culinary wrath is none other than the exact same resident who was fined for using non-artisanal olive oil (see Bozeman Grit exclusive: Local Man Receives $500 Fine from Black Bull HOA for Using Non-Artisanal Olive Oil). According to sources close to the resident, the HOA board found out he had been using pre-ground black pepper in his cooking, rather than grinding it fresh.

The punishment for this culinary infraction is steep, with the HOA slapping the resident with a $750 fine and requiring him to attend a special cooking class on the importance of using freshly ground spices.

In a statement to Bozeman Grit, the resident expressed his frustration with the HOA’s latest action. “I just can’t believe they’re so obsessed with the artisanal and the organic that they’re willing to fine me for using pre-ground pepper,” he said. “I mean, come on, it’s just pepper.”

The resident also raised concerns about the HOA’s growing power over the community’s food choices. “What’s next, are they going to fine me for using ketchup made with corn syrup instead of cane sugar?” he said.

Photo from the HOA-Mandated Cooking Class on The Importance of Using Freshly Ground Spices

As for the HOA, they defended their actions, stating that they are committed to upholding the highest culinary standards in the community. “We take the quality of our food very seriously,” said the HOA board president. “And we expect all residents to follow our guidelines and use only the freshest ingredients in their cooking.”

This latest incident has sparked outrage among some residents, who are calling for greater transparency and accountability from the HOA. Meanwhile, others are reportedly stocking up on whole peppercorns in anticipation of future fines.