June 16, 2024
4Runner Minivan

4Runner Minivan, Photo Credit: Bozeman Grit

HELENA, Montana — In an unexpected announcement, the Montana Department of Transportation declared the Toyota 4Runner as the “Official Minivan of Montana,” citing its ruggedness and versatility as key factors in the decision.

“This vehicle, it’s got grit,” said spokesperson Bill Carson. “It can handle anything Montana throws at it, from snowstorms to bumpy back roads. It’s the perfect vehicle for families who want to explore the state and all it has to offer.”

Local dealerships have reported a surge in sales since the announcement, with many residents trading in their traditional minivans for the more rugged 4Runner.

“I always thought minivans were just for soccer moms,” said Bozeman resident and new 4Runner owner, Ted Varney. “But when I heard it was the official minivan of Montana, I knew I had to have one. It’s perfect for camping, hunting, and fishing trips.”

The announcement has also sparked a debate among residents about what other nontraditional minivan vehicles could qualify for the title of Montana minivan.

“I think my pickup truck is more of a Montana minivan than a 4Runner,” said Belgrade resident, Mike Foster. “It’s got plenty of room for gear and can handle the tough terrain just as well as anything out there.”

Despite the debate, Toyota dealerships across Montana are celebrating the new designation, with some even offering special deals for families considering a new minivan.

“We’re thrilled to be the official minivan of Montana,” said Toyota spokesperson Jannette Larson. “The 4Runner is a tough and reliable minivan that can handle whatever the state throws its way. We’re confident that Montana families will love it just as much as we do.”

While some residents remain skeptical about the 4Runner’s qualifications as a true minivan, there’s no denying its popularity in the state. Montana may never be the same now that the 4Runner has been dubbed the official minivan of the Treasure State.

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