June 16, 2024
Unquestionably Real

BOZEMAN, Montana — In a city where Facebook groups reign supreme, a new group has emerged to take the crown as the most authentic and real. “The Unquestionably Real Ask Bozeman” is the newest addition to the lineup of Bozeman-based Facebook groups dedicated to answering questions and providing advice for locals.

According to the group’s founder, who prefers to remain anonymous, “The Unquestionably Real Ask Bozeman” is a place where only the most genuine and authentic questions are asked and answered. “We’ve had enough of the fake news, fake questions, and snippy, sarcastic responses in the other groups. We want to provide a space where people can ask and answer real questions without any fluff or nonsense.”

The group’s strict policies require all questions to be verified as 100% real before they are allowed to be posted. Members are also required to use their full legal name and provide a notarized affidavit proving that their question is genuine.

Additionally, in an effort to maintain a serious and dignified tone, the laughing emoji reaction has been strictly forbidden in The Unquestionably Real Ask Bozeman group. After all, who needs levity when discussing pressing local issues such as whether or not to build another roundabout or how much avocado toast is too much for a millennial to consume in one sitting?

One member, who goes by the name “Real Bozemanite,” had this to say about the group: “I’ve never felt more validated in my life. Finally, a place where I can ask real questions and get real answers from real people.”

Bozeman Facebook Groups
Image Credit: Bozeman Grit via Facebook

However, some members of other Bozeman-based Facebook groups are skeptical of the group’s claims. “What makes them so special? We answer real questions in our groups too,” said one member of “The Real Ask Bozeman” group.

Despite the controversy, “The Unquestionably Real Ask Bozeman” continues to grow in popularity, with many locals praising its commitment to authenticity and realness.

As for the founder of the group, they remain steadfast in their mission. “We will never compromise on our commitment to the truth. Only the realest questions and answers will be allowed in our group. That’s just how it is.”