June 16, 2024
Downtown Livingston, Montana

Livingston, Montana, Photo by Tracy Hunter

LIVINGSTON, Mont. — A local resident of Livingston, who wishes to remain anonymous, has expressed their disappointment over the lack of coverage on Livingston by Bozeman Grit, a satirical news source focused on the Bozeman area.

“Look, we get it, Bozeman is the bigger city and all that, but come on, we’re right next door!” the resident exclaimed. “We have our own unique quirks and stories to tell, and it’s a shame that Bozeman Grit isn’t covering any of it.”

However, the resident made it clear that they don’t actually want any attention brought to Livingston by Bozeman. “We like our small town feel, and we don’t want Bozeman folks crowding in and changing everything. But still, it would be nice to at least be acknowledged once in a while.”

The resident has started a petition urging Bozeman Grit to expand their coverage to include Livingston, although they also added a clause that any articles about Livingston must be written in a way that discourages people from moving to the area.

Bozeman Grit declined to comment on the bizarre petition, but a source at the publication (me, I) said, “We understand the frustration, but we’re just focused on Bozeman, Belgrade, Three Forks, Manhattan, Logan, Amsterdam, Churchill, Big Sky, Four Corners, and Gallatin Gateway for now. Maybe we’ll branch out in the future, but we can’t make any promises.”

The Livingston resident said they plan to continue their petition until they see some coverage of their town in Bozeman Grit. “We exist, you know!” they exclaimed. “And we’re not going to let Bozeman Grit forget that.”