June 16, 2024
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Photo Credit — TheoLeo

BELGRADE, MT — In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists at the Belgrade Institute of Time and Space have found evidence of a mysterious force that causes Mondays to feel longer than any other day of the week.

According to Dr. Olivia DeLuca, lead researcher on the project, “We’ve long suspected that there was something unusual about Mondays, but until now we didn’t have concrete proof. Our data shows that time seems to slow down on Mondays, making them feel like they’re dragging on forever.”

The discovery has sent shockwaves through the scientific community, with some researchers questioning the validity of the study. However, Dr. DeLuca insists that the evidence is clear. “We conducted a rigorous analysis on decades of time perception data, and the results are undeniable. Mondays are longer than any other day of the week.”

Belgrade residents have mixed reactions to the news. Some are skeptical of the discovery, while others say that it explains a lot about their Monday experiences.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “I always thought Mondays were just the worst, but now I have scientific proof that they’re the longest day of the week. I guess I’ll just have to start treating them like endurance events.”

The Belgrade Institute of Time and Space is now working on time displacement technology to address the phenomenon. In the meantime, their team suggests strategies to help people cope with the extra-long Mondays. Suggestions include taking frequent breaks, incorporating exercise into the workday, and indulging in copious amounts of caffeine.

Only time will tell if the discovery of the Monday time distortion will lead to any significant changes in the workweek, but for now, Belgrade residents can at least commiserate about the interminable length of Mondays.

Are you or is someone you know suffering from “Endless Mondays?” Maybe this will help.

Credits: Photo by TheoLeo