June 16, 2024
Hand holding Starbucks cup saying Bozeman's Choice over the city

BOZEMAN, MT — The bustling town of Bozeman, renowned for its vibrant local coffee scene, has brewed up an unexpected storm. In a turn of events that has left many coffee purists scratching their heads, the town’s favorite “local” coffee debate has boiled down to two contenders: the Starbucks on Main and the Starbucks on 19th.

Local coffee aficionado and Starbucks enthusiast, Karen Thompson, mused over her grande caramel macchiato, “The Starbucks on Main exudes a rustic, almost ‘Bozeman-esque’ ambiance. It’s where I’ve penned many of my journal entries. But the 19th location? Their baristas remember my dog’s name and my complicated drink order. It’s like Sophie’s Choice.”

Online forums and Facebook groups have been abuzz with fierce discussions. One impassioned commenter, Becky, who’s recently changed her profile picture to the Starbucks logo, argued, “Look, I get that Starbucks is a huge multinational corporation, but ours feels different, specifically the Main Street location. It’s like… Bozeman’s own little secret, and frankly, their coffee is way better than any place around. And those eco-friendly cup sleeves? Clearly, Bozeman Starbucks is practically a farmer’s market.”

However, not everyone shares this sentiment. Mike Jackson, the owner of ‘Bozeman Beanses,’ a truly local coffee shop, expressed his exasperation. “We roast our beans under the Montana sky, source our pastries from local bakers, and yet, the town’s in a frenzy over which Starbucks serves Bozeman’s best local coffee. It’s like arguing whether Big Mac or Quarter Pounder is the town’s best gourmet burger.”

Still, the ‘Great Gallatin Starbucks Debate’ rages on. Whispers have circulated about a potential limited edition “Bozeman Blend” being introduced—a blend rumored to capture the essence of Bozeman, but likely sourced from beans around the globe. Someone at the instagram @hipstersofbozeman account probably just peed their pants a little in excitement after reading about that. It happens.

Local resident, Dave Ringer, perhaps summed up the sentiment best: “Look, I love our local cafes, but there’s something about sipping a multinational chai latte and pretending it’s as local as my backyard brew. Starbucks on 19th hands-down.”

Starbucks vote for best local coffee in Bozeman

With the debate reaching its boiling point, the town’s leading lifestyle magazine, Barely Bozeman, has announced a “Best of the Best Local Coffee of Bozeman” showdown. The goal? To let the voice of the people decide the best local coffee once and for all. Unsurprisingly, the Starbucks on Main and the Starbucks on 19th have emerged as the frontrunners.

Editor-in-chief of Barely Bozeman, Lydia Greene, commented, “It’s time to settle this. We’re a town that’s passionate about our coffee, and this vote will let us crown our true local champion.”

Bozemanites are encouraged to cast their ballots online or just rant on various Facebook groups, which many consider “just as good”. The results are slated for release in next month’s issue. For those passionate about their caffeine fix, now’s the chance to make your voice heard and vote for the true heart of Bozeman’s coffee scene!