June 16, 2024
International Space Station

International Space Station / Photo Credit: NASA Imagery

BOZEMAN, MONTANA – In a historic moment for both pizza and space exploration, Cosmic Pizza has been selected to deliver the first-ever Montana-made pizza to the International Space Station.

The decision was made after months of testing and deliberation by NASA, who determined that Cosmic Pizza’s specially-designed space-friendly pizza was the best option for the mission.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this momentous occasion,” said Cosmic Pizza owner, Carl Johnson. “We’ve always known that our pizza was out of this world, and now it’s going to be literally out of this world.”

The pizza will be specially packaged and sent on a rocket to the space station, where it will be consumed by the astronauts as they orbit the earth.

To celebrate this milestone, Cosmic Pizza has announced a special rewards program for the ISS crew. Astronauts who order and collect ten pizza ordering stamps while on the ISS will be eligible for a free personal-sized pizza and a fountain drink at either Cosmic Pizza location upon their return to Earth.

“We wanted to offer something special to the brave individuals who are pushing the boundaries of human exploration,” Johnson added.

The announcement has generated excitement among the ISS crew, who are eager to try the space-bound pizza.

The delivery is expected to take place in the next few months, and Johnson said that they are already working on a new space-themed pizza in honor of the occasion.

“We’re not just breaking Montana’s barriers in pizza delivery, we’re breaking barriers in pizza innovation,” Johnson said.

For now, the world waits in eager anticipation for the first bite of Montana-made pizza in space.