June 16, 2024
Blackbird Kitchen Pizzas

Blackbird Kitchen Pizzas, Photo Credit: Bozeman Grit

Bozeman’s Blackbird Kitchen is notorious for its impossible-to-get reservations, especially on a Friday night. But a local woman claims she cracked the code and scored a same-day reservation at the upscale eatery.

According to the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, she stumbled upon the secret to securing a coveted reservation by accident. “I was walking by Blackbird around noon and noticed a man wearing a chef’s coat out front. I assumed he was on a break, but then I noticed he was on the phone taking reservations. I couldn’t believe it,” she recounted.

The woman immediately called the restaurant and was able to speak to the same chef who she saw outside. “I said, ‘I’m right outside and I see you taking reservations. Can I get a table for two tonight?’ He paused for a second and then said, ‘Sure thing. I can squeeze you in at 8 p.m.’ It was surreal,” she said.

The woman, who describes herself as a “consumer of food” and a “lover of life,” said that she had no expectation to get a same-day reservation at Blackbird Kitchen on a Friday. “I was thinking about what might be good for dinner, and Blackbird seemed like a good option. I almost always have good things to say about their menu, their service, and their ambiance. Plus, I like birds,” she said. She said that she had no plans for the evening, other than enjoying a delicious meal and maybe meeting some new friends. “I’m not picky about who I dine with, as long as they’re nice and they share their food. I’m always open to new experiences and new flavors.”

But is the woman’s story too good to be true? Some locals are skeptical, with one Yelp reviewer writing, “I’ve been trying to get a reservation at Blackbird for months and now we’re supposed to believe that this woman just stumbled upon the chef taking reservations on the sidewalk? I call BS.”

When reached for comment, Blackbird Kitchen declined to confirm or deny the woman’s story. “We cannot comment on specific reservations or our reservation process. We encourage our guests to make reservations in advance to ensure the best experience at our restaurant,” a spokesperson said.

Whether the woman’s story is a local legend or urban myth, one thing is certain: the struggle for a reservation at Blackbird Kitchen continues.