June 16, 2024
Road Cone Megaphone

Photo Credit: vondelft

Bozeman Grit, the “premier source of compare-to-news and satire” in the Big Skylandia area, is in dire straits. Despite producing high-quality content that is both funformative and humorous, the site has struggled to gain traction with readers.

“It’s a classic chicken-and-egg situation,” says founder and editor-in-chief Sierra Watson. “We need more readers to justify the time and effort we put into the site, but we also need more content to attract those readers.”

In an effort to break this vicious cycle, Bozeman Grit is calling on its existing readership to share their articles on social media and with their friends and family. “We’re not asking for much,” says Watson. “Just a quick share on Facebook or Twitter could help us reach a whole new audience.”

Despite the urgency of the situation, Watson remains optimistic. “We believe in the power of satire to bring people together and make them laugh,” she says. “And we’re confident that with the help of our readers, we can continue to do just that.”

So if you want to support local journalism and get a good laugh in the process, do your part and share Bozeman Grit with your network. Together, we can build a stronger, more funformed, and more entertained community.

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