June 16, 2024

Photo Credit: Tyler Brandon

BOZEMAN, Montana โ€” As the summer months approach, many outdoor enthusiasts are starting to plan their trips to Hyalite Reservoir, a popular recreation area in the Gallatin National Forest. But for some out-of-towners, there’s one question that’s causing a bit of confusion: Do they need snowshoes to drive to the reservoir in June?

According to members of the Bozeman Community Group, a Facebook group dedicated to sharing local news and information, they have been inundated with questions from visitors who are unsure of what to expect when driving to Hyalite Reservoir in the late spring and early summer months.

“I’ve seen so many posts from people asking if they need snowshoes to drive to Hyalite in June,” said group member Kelly Perkins. “It’s kind of funny, but also a little concerning. I think people just don’t realize how quickly the weather can change in Montana, but also, the question seems to be really weirdly phrased. So much so, that it’s almost nonsensical.”

Other group members chimed in with their own experiences of driving to Hyalite Reservoir in the early summer months, noting that while snow is rare, it’s not unheard of.

“I went up there last year in mid-June and there was still snow on the ground,” said Kevin Anderson. “But it was only in a few spots and it definitely didn’t require snowshoes. You just need to be prepared for anything when you’re in the mountains.”

While the influx of questions from out-of-towners may be causing some amusement among locals, members of the Bozeman Community Group are encouraging visitors to do their research and come prepared for any weather conditions they may encounter during their trip to Hyalite Reservoir.

Out-of-towners in the group insist they are trying to do their research, and that the continued responses of “do your research” and to plan for “any weather imaginable” are beyond unhelpful. A top contributor of the Bozeman Community Group went so far as to suggest the weary travelers even plan for quicksand.

“Montana is a beautiful state with some amazing outdoor opportunities,” said group contributor Jon Blevins. “But it’s also a place where the weather can change in an instant. So if you’re planning a trip to Hyalite, make sure you check the forecast and pack accordingly, from portable hurricane bunkers to rope and grappling hooks for the unexpected quicksand: bring it all. And if you’re still not sure, feel free to ask us questions in the Bozeman Community Group. We’re always happy to share our most insightful emoji reactions!”

Planning a Trip to Hyalite?

We collected the top suggestions from the Bozeman Community Group and compiled a list for your convenience:

  • A pair of sunglasses that can also double as a magnifying glass ๐Ÿ”Ž
  • A portable fan that can also blow bubbles ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธ
  • A rubber duck that can quack in different languages ๐Ÿฆ†
  • A hat that has a built-in solar panel and a USB charger ๐Ÿงข
  • A water bottle that can also play music when you shake it ๐ŸŽต
  • A pack of chewing gum that changes flavor every time you chew it ๐Ÿฌ
  • A set of binoculars that can also take selfies ๐Ÿ“ท
  • A flashlight that can also project holograms ๐ŸŒ 
  • A book that can also tell jokes when you open it ๐Ÿ“š
  • A pillow that can also record your dreams when you sleep on it ๐Ÿ›Œ