June 16, 2024
Air Fryer

Photo by Kalisha Ocheni

BIG SKY, MONTANA — In a groundbreaking culinary revelation, local resident Mimsy Bonbon has discovered that every food item can be perfectly cooked in an air fryer in exactly 14 minutes. Bonbon stumbled upon this realization while experimenting with her new air fryer and trying to figure out the perfect cook times for various foods.

“It’s like magic,” Bonbon exclaimed. “I’ve cooked everything from chicken to cookies, and they all turn out perfectly in exactly 14 minutes. Calzones? 14 minutes. Very-well-done toast? 14 minutes! I don’t even need to set a timer anymore, I just know it’s going to be 14 minutes!”

The discovery has rocked the culinary world, leaving chefs and foodies alike stunned and scrambling to test out the theory for themselves.

“I’ve been cooking for over 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. “To think that every food item can be cooked to perfection in exactly 14 minutes is simply mind-boggling. I may need to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about cooking.”

The news has sparked a frenzy in the air fryer industry, with manufacturers rushing to capitalize on the newfound popularity of the appliance. Several companies have already released “14-minute cook time” air fryer models with a single button, promising customers perfectly cooked meals in record time. But, can they live up to the promise?

Despite the excitement surrounding the discovery, some skeptics have raised concerns about the potential dangers of relying too heavily on a single cook time.

“I worry that people will become too reliant on this 14-minute rule and start overcooking or undercooking their food,” said nutritionist Dr. Genevieve Graham. “It’s important to remember that every air fryer is different, and cook times may vary depending on the model and the food being cooked.”

Despite the warnings, Bonbon remains a steadfast believer in the 14-minute rule, insisting that it has revolutionized her cooking and made her life easier than ever before.

Bonbon’s discovery has gained attention on social media, with many people curious about the magic 14-minute cook time, prompting their requests for her to host air fryer cooking classes.

When asked if she had any tips for other air fryer users, Bonbon said, “Just trust the 14 minutes. It hasn’t failed me yet.”

At press time, Bonbon was reportedly trying to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal in her air fryer, confident that everything will be ready in 14 minutes flat.

Photo Credit Kalisha Ocheni