June 16, 2024
Belgrade Mystery Business

BELGRADE, MT — The recent construction of a new building next to MacKenzie River Pizza in Belgrade has caused a stir in the community, with locals debating what the new establishment will be.

While some speculate that it could be a new convenience store or a fitness center, others have taken to Facebook to assert that the building is almost certainly going to be an In-N-Out Burger or Chick-fil-A. The debate has become so heated that it has even divided friendships and family members.

“I can’t believe how worked up people are getting over this,” said longtime Belgrade resident, Emily Johnston. “It’s just a building. But my Facebook feed is filled with posts from self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who are absolutely convinced that they know what’s going on.”

One social media user who goes by the name “FastFoodFacts88” claims to have insider knowledge that the new building will be an In-N-Out Burger, citing the recent expansion of the chain into neighboring states as evidence. Another user, “ChickenLover247,” is equally certain that it will be a Chick-fil-A.

The debate has spilled over into local forums, with residents arguing over the pros and cons of each restaurant chain. Some are concerned about the traffic that an In-N-Out Burger could bring to the already-busy Jackrabbit Lane, while others are excited about the possibility of finally having a Chick-fil-A nearby for their Monday-through-Saturday chicken needs.

“It’s a mess, honestly,” said Belgrade Mayor, Samantha Belgradovich. “We’re just as confused as everyone else, but we’re hoping that the speculation dies down soon so that we can get back to focusing on more important matters, such as the creation of a town choir.”

In the meantime, locals are left to ponder the mystery of the new building, with no official word yet from the developers or the city.

“I just want to know what’s going on,” said Belgrade resident, Greyson McAdams. “I can’t take all of this bickering and uncertainty. But until we know for sure, I guess I’ll just have to keep scrolling through Facebook and trying to make sense of all the so-called ‘expert’ opinions.”