June 16, 2024

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    Want to Submit Some Grit?

    Interest in contributing to this haven of humor and satire is welcomed! Bozeman Grit is dedicated to showcasing creative, witty, and thoughtful fun, humorous, and/or satirical content that entertains and provokes thought.

    Submission Guidelines

    Submissions in the form of articles, stories, and possibly comics are accepted, provided they adhere to the ethos of good-natured humor and satire. Here are the basic preferred content guidelines:

    • Pushes the envelope of creativity and wit.

    • Avoids sensitive topics like race, religion, and politics.

    • Is original (but can play on original works).

    • Is respectful and doesn’t aim to harm or unnecessarily demean any individual or group. (this is certainly subjective with humor and satire in general)

    • Focuses on broader appeal rather than personal gain.

    Request for Submission

    You are welcome to use a real name OR a pen name, and include an OPTIONAL, brief public bio with your request to submit. If you do not include a bio, one may be written for you. Your chosen name and bio may be as fictional or nonfictional as you like, as long as it is done in a good-natured way. If access is granted, your included name and bio will be publicly displayed and you will be able to modify them at any time.

    1. Your Details: Please include your name OR pen name, and an optional brief public bio with your submission.

    2. Agreement to Guidelines: By submitting your content, you agree to our submission guidelines and content license agreement.

    I agree to the submission guidelines and content license agreement.