June 16, 2024
Instagram on Phone

Photo Credit: Webster2703

MONTANA, USA — Bozeman Grit, the local satirical news outlet, has finally found its first Instagram follower. After months of posting content and building up their social media presence, they were excited to see the notification that someone had finally followed them. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that their first follower was a spam account with only one post and no followers.

The account, with the handle @getmorefollowers1, had a generic profile picture and a bio that simply read “Follow me for more followers.” Their single post was a blurry picture of what appeared to be a sunset, with the caption “Great view, even better with more followers.” Bozeman Grit was disappointed to discover that their first follower was not a genuine fan of their content, but rather a ploy to gain more followers for this spam account.

“We were so excited to see that someone had finally followed us on Instagram,” said the editor-in-chief of Bozeman Grit. “But then we saw that it was just a spam account. We feel a little silly now for getting our hopes up.”

The account has since been reported and blocked by Bozeman Grit. While it was a letdown to find out that their first follower was not a legitimate supporter, the team at Bozeman Grit remains committed to creating humorous and satirical content for their audience, even if that audience is slow to grow.